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If you missed a sermon, or loved one so much you want to listen again, make yourself a nice cup of coffee, click on the link below and sit back and enjoy! The older sermons are removed from time to time.  If you require one not listed then email admin on the link below and we may be able to retrieve a copy for you.

There will be a suspension to the weekly updates until after the current crisis and church starts regular services again.
Some sermons containing visual aids have been included in the list below. 

011 15/03/20 Morning Which Road Rev David Miller
010 08/03/20 Morning Commitment Rev Ward Jones
009 01/03/20 Evening Famous Lines Rev David Miller
009 01/03/20 Morning Temptation Geoff Lewis
008 23/02/20 Evening Potters Wheel Richard Addicott
008 23/02/20 Morning Recording Failed Alero Malin
007 16/02/20 Evening Service Rev David Miller
007 16/02/20 Morning Gifts Rev David Miller
006 09/02/20 Morning Message in a bottle Rev David Miller
005 02/02/20 Evening Prayer (talk) Rev David Gray & Deacon Shirley Mackintosh
005 02/02/20 Morning Falcon Rev Dr. Dick Venn
004 26/01/20 Evening Enormous Turnip Rev Dr. Jonathan Pye
004 26/01/20 Morning Stirred to serve Rev David Miller
003 19/01/20 Evening I've bought a boat! Rev David Miller
003 19/01/20 Morning All Age - John the Baptist Martin Bovett
002 12/01/20 Morning Covenant Rev David Miller
001 05/01/20 Evening Resolutions Rev David Miller
001 05/01/20 Morning Servant of all Geoff Lewis
  29/12/19 Morning Flight to Egypt Rev David Miller
  25/12/19 Morning Born Today Martin Bovett
  22/12/19 Evening A Baby Born Rev David Miller
  15/12/19 Morning Homily Chrissy Wittingham
  08/12/19 Morning Eternal Question Rev David Miller
  01/12/19 Evening Predictions Rev David Miller
  01/12/19 Morning When? Steve Cooper
  24/11/19 Evening Forgiveness Rev David Miller
  24/11/19 Morning Generosity Rev David Miller
  17/11/19 Evening Heaven Martin Bovett
  17/11/19   Morning Baggage Free Rev David Miller
  10/11/19 Morning Bad News / Good News Dave Stranks
  03/11/19 Evening Less is More Rev Mark Barrett
  03/11/19 Morning MAF talk Mission Aviation 
  27/10/19 Evening Hard to be humble Rev David Gray
  27/10/19 Morning Truthiness Rev David Miller
  20/10/19 Evening Last Least Lost Rev David Miller
  20/10/19 Morning Networking Trevor Durston
  13/10/19 Morning Staying Afloat! Rev David Miller
  06/10/19 Evening Prodigal Son Rev David Miller
  06/10/19 Morning Deep Roots Geoffrey Rhodes
  29/09/19 Evening Complacency Contentment Rev Mark Barrett
  29/09/19 Morning Fellowship Steve Cooper
  22/09/19 Evening Living Water Rev David Miller
  22/09/19 Morning Harvest Rev David Miller
  15/09/19 Evening Lost Property Rev David Miller
  15/09/19 Morning Fellowship Liz Miller
  08/09/19 Morning Come to Christ Rev David Miller
  01/09/19 Evening Stairway to Heaven Rev David Miller
  01/09/19 Morning One in Christ Godfrey Room
  25/08/19 Morning Bread & Wine Rev David Miller
  18/08/19 Morning Gifts and Grace Trevor Durston
  11/08/19 Morning Possessions Annette Foster
  04/08/19 Morning Going Walking Trevor Ranger
  28/07/19 Evening Breaking Bread Adrian German
  28/07/19 Morning Gardeners question time Rev Pam Stranks
  21/07/19 Morning Going on a picnic Rev David Miller
  14/07/19 Evening Out of his tree Jack Newton
  14/07/19 Morning Moon Communion  Rev David Miller
  07/07/19 Evening Increased & Multiplied Rev David Miller
  07/07/19 Morning Grace Richard Addicott