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2 September 2020 
The Messy Church programme is published for this Autumn. 
Further details.

1 September 2020
We look forward to welcoming service for our new minister, Rev Andrew Bird which takes place Thursday September 3rd at 7.30pm.

7 August 2020
At the end of July our minister the Rev David Miller and his wife Liz left SRMC to take up a new post in Launceston, Cornwall.  We thank them for their ministry, love and friendship shared with us and wish them God’s blessing in their new fellowship.

We will be welcoming our new minister the Rev Andrew Bird and his wife Monica and family, who come to us from Eastleigh, Hampshire.  Technically they join us at the beginning of September, although in reality they will not actively begin ministry with us until the beginning of October - although there will be a special welcoming service on Thursday September 3rd at 7.30pm.  Further details will be shared later.  We look forward to their time with us.

28 July 2020
This summer's Holiday Club
'The Big Story Club' has now been released and is available for online viewing via this website.

16 July 2020
The church building is re-opening on Sunday 19th July for Sunday morning services which commence at 10.30 am.  To ensure the well-being of all persons entering the building, comprehensive safety measures have been devised, a copy of which is available for download.

3 July 2020
Following government advice, SRMC will be opening the premises for private prayer on Wednesdays between 10 am - 12 noon  - commencing July 8th.  To ensure the well-being of all persons entering the building, comprehensive safety measures have been devised, a copy of which is available for 

3 July 2020
Teaching overseas online—I guess that lockdown has found a lot of us doing things we hadn't anticipated! Having returned from a short stint teaching at Amano Christian School, Zambia, in December, I was not expecting to be teaching there again so soon. The schools in Zambia have been shut for some months too and so online teaching is happening where possible. I was asked if I could help out teaching a history class each week. It is not 'face- to- face', so it seems strange setting and marking work for children who I met in November, but don't know that well. As in the UK, some children are engaging with the  activities and others not but it has been a privilege to be able to help out. Of course the challenges of technology in a Zambian setting are even more acute than they are here, so please pray for the school as they strive to educate and communicate the gospel in this new way.  Linda Kalbskopf

3 July 2020
Holiday Bible Club—it’s very sad that this won’t be held in our building this year, but Trevor Ranger has worked hard to make 5 videos of material available on YouTube soon.  Visit our
Holiday Club page for further information.

3 July 2020
Falcon Holidays—Adrian has been working to encourage children who will be unable to have a holiday break this year.  He is preparing to post boxes to those who would have been with him and the team, and is looking to ask people to help.  Would you like to be involved by helping with baking?  He needs chocolate brownies or flapjack.  Contact Adrian soon: they have to be ready for 24th July.  Thank you!

26 June 2020
Summer volunteering— from Station Hill Baptist Church: “We are thinking around the idea of possibly offering a service to feed under-privileged families throughout this summer.  I know that some great work is already taking place addressing this issue in Chippenham’s churches.    Similarly, at Station Hill BC we would like to explore the possibility of offering meals to families - but this might only be once a week. However, if several churches across the town were to join resources etc, there is the possibility of feeding families throughout the week. What a powerful testimony to our community.” If you are interested in helping, please contact Wayne Lawther [] or Todd Nightingale  [].  Contact Jan for more information.